Top 3 Hiking Spots in the USA

If you are a fan of the great outdoors and hiking is your favorite hobby then head towards USA for one of the best hiking experiences of your life. The US is blessed to have plenty of national parks and protected areas and these places usually offer the best hikes to experienced and newbie hikers, alike. Read through 3 of the most amazing hiking spot in the US.


Grand Canyon is one of the famous places in the USA and it is for a very good reason, too.  The layers of red rocks reveal Earth’s geological history dated back almost 2 million years ago and this gorgeous landscape is what attracts hikers from all over the worlds. One of the most popular hiking trails, especially for tourists is the Bright Angel Trail, because it is conveniently located near tourist lodges and descends to the copper-colored Colorado River. There is a 1.5-mile and 3-mile rest houses that can offer clean drinking water. You can also camp overnight since the trail leads to 2 campgrounds. The long hours of hiking is also equivalent to long hours of beautiful scenery.

 Hiking Spots in the USA


Lakes, canyons, rivers, waterfalls and granite cliffs, Yosemite Park has it, and the park’s most distinguished hiking trail is the Mist Trail. As the name implies, this trail winds to 2 beautiful waterfalls, Vernal and Nevada Falls, the view of these cascading waters make the stopovers worthwhile. The mist from the falls can be very refreshing during hot days, but also makes the path slippery so extra caution is required for hikers. Experienced hikers can go forth to reach the more famed Half Dome, the most iconic rock formation of Yosemite.


The 28-mile long Highline Trail boasts a breathtaking view along the Continental Divide. With every twists and turns, you will come across Glacier’s high alpine ecosystem teeming with flora and fauna. The first 7 miles of the trail is good for newbies but the trail begins to ascend so this trail is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Don’t miss to climb up to the top of the Continental Divide to experience a stunning bird’s eye-view of the Grinnell Glacier on the opposite side. Since this is a popular hiking spot, it would be best to start very early to avoid the crowd.

Find the best hiking boots you have in your closet and start to explore the amazing outdoors of USA. Explore the world by foot, the same as what the original people of the earth did because nothing beats fresh air, picturesque landscapes, challenging hikes and gorgeous lakes and waterfalls. They enjoyed it and I’m sure you’ll do, too.